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The Grand River Center's workforce is a diverse, elite and experienced group of men and women dedicated to coordinating and constructing large-scale events that strengthen the Dubuque's economy. Interested in expanding your career horizons? Please e-mail or drop off your resume (email: On your cover page, please specify your desired position. We appreciate your interest in the Grand River Center and will pass your resume to the appropriate department head as openings become available.



Employment Opportunities

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Catering/Sales Manager     Sales                        as of 12/30/2020                      
Culinary Manager     Kitchen                              as of 1/27/2021                  
Banquet Server                   Banquets                         as of 1/3/2021                         
Banquet Bartender            Banquets                       as of 1/13/2021
Banquet Set Up                 Set-Up                              as of 1/15/2021
Prep Cook                          Kitchen                             as of 1/27/2021
Dishwasher                          Kitchen                            as of 1/27/2021
Public Area Cleaner           Housekeeping                 as of 1/8/2021